Manage your EMR, your Way

Use any device you want

iPad or Desktop PC, Surface Pro or Apple computer – work with the device of your choice.

Choose the way you want to input notes into your EMR

Write, draw, type, or even use speech to text. Run a paperless clinic, while still creating medical records comfortably.

Organize your EMR, your way

Choose how you want to structure your medical notes. You decide what folders and tags are most relevant to your EMR.

Take your EMR with you

LYFnGO is a truly cloud-based system – that means you can access your system from your computer, tablet, or handphone. Bring your EMR on rounds or even to the Operating Theatre.

Create Notes, your Way

Store any file type and size in LYFnGO

Store any file type and size in LYFnGO – surgery videos, images, scans, and more.

Free, unlimited cloud data storage

Store as many files as you want, without worrying that the price of your system will change.

Input records your way

Type, use templates, write/draw, use speech to text, and even allow different doctors to input records their own way.

Write & draw electronically

LYFnGO is just as comfortable and responsive as paper and pen. Trade your pen for a stylus today.

Let LYFnGO be your transcriptionist

LYFnGO’s speech-to-text is accurate and powerful. Transcribe letters and notes with the click of a button.


Protect your data

End to end encryption and SSL certificates ensure that your data is always safe and protected.

Access restrictions, built for you

Set access restrictions that fit your clinic or clinic group’s needs.

Keep your data backed up

LYFnGO manages multiple backups of your data across different data centres.


Organize your research

Classify and structure patient information and notes, so the right data is at your fingertips.

Mine your data

Use LYFnGOPulse to mine your data – track and optimize clinic performance and care outcomes.

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