Run your Clinic Paperlessly

Go paperless with AIDIVA. From a flexible EMR that lets you create and manage patient records your way, to all of the functionality needed to run a clinic, with AIDIVA you can run a full paperless clinic. Don’t settle for less

Automate work

AIDIVA’s Templates, automations, and integrations will reduce your workload.

Access your clinic from anywhere

AIDIVA is a web-based system – that means you can securely access your notes from anywhere. Work from home conveniently, bring what you need to the operating theatre, and even access records from overseas in an emergency.

Scheduling, Simplified

Schedule from anywhere

Access AIDIVA from your mobile and schedule appointments on the go.

Manage appointment booking for multiple clinics easily

Managing multiple locations? Make it easy for your staff to make an appointment from anywhere.

Book multiple resources (e.g. rooms and doctors) easily

Need to book multiple resources (e.g. a doctor and a room, or a dentist and a dental chair?). No worries. AIDIVA lets you manage multiple resources from the same calendar.

Let patients book online appointments

Provide all your patients – or just your regular patients – access to a calendar to book their own appointments. You choose which slots are available.

Send custom appointment reminders and confirmations

Own your patient relationship. Send custom reminders and confirmations that are clearly from your clinic and reference your patient’s name.

Improve each patient’s experience

Patient self-registration

Let patients register their own information at the clinic. Make sure information is accurate and that it passes through fewer hands. Reduce double entry work for your receptionist as well.

Create a custom patient journey at the clinic

Decide what the patient’s journey should be at the clinic, and manage that through your queue.

Queue reminders

Busy clinic? Let patients go for a coffee, and send them an SMS reminder when it’s their turn to see the doctor.

Recall your patients to ensure they complete their treatment

Don’t just send patients reminders to come for their appointments – send them reminders to make their next appointment as well.

Medical, Dental, and Allied Health EMR made for you

Doctors, create notes your way

Write, draw, type, and use speech to text to create efficient, electronic notes.

Dentists, use efficient charting to save time

AIDIVA’s dental charting is easy to use and linked with dental planning and billing. Chart a patient’s condition and plan their treatment in a few clicks.

Allied Health Practitioners, use a portable EMR that makes patient interaction easy

EMR shouldn’t get in the way of patient interaction. AIDIVA’s EMR can be accessed on a tablet or a computer and is easy to use. Use an EMR without impacting how you interact with patients.

Billing made easy

Easy enough for a cashier, but compliant enough for your accountant

AIDIVA’s billing system is designed to make complex transactions like credit notes and third party billing easy enough for your cashier to use, while still resulting in transactions that your accountant manage easily.

Track and managing outstanding amounts easily

AIDIVA highlights outstanding transactions, even enabling you to manage them using AIDIVAPAY. Ensure every bill is paid with AIDIVA.

Billing and Inventory Integration

In AIDIVA, billing and inventory management are linked, letting you see a live stock count.

All the product types you need

Create packages, subscription products, and more within AIDIVA. Decide what charge list works best for your clinic – AIDIVA will be flexible enough to implement it.

Track your stock and maintain strong inventory controls

A full Procurement flow, if you want it

Are you a clinic or group managing expensive inventory? If so you may want to implement AIDIVA’s full Procurement Flow – with Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Supplier/Delivery Orders, Stock Transfers, and everything else needed to run a complete procurement cycle.

Full visibility into your stock transactions

See who was given what and when – backtrack and understand historical transactions.

Manage your inventory effectively with AIDIVA

AIDIVA provides deep analysis on your physical inventory, enabling you to strike better deals with suppliers.

Business Intelligence for you, your marketer, and your accountant

For your accountant

A special login that only allows them to see financial information and a full suite of interactive and comprehensive reports. Reduce coordination between your staff and accountant by giving your accountant access to the information they need.

For your marketer

A full suite of reports on which channels are bringing you patients, what kind of patients are coming to the clinic, and the types of billings different kind of patients generate.

For you

All of the operations reports you need to run your clinic regularly and the information you need to know that your business is healthy.

Grow your clinic with AIDIVA

AIDIVA provides off the shelf analysis and reporting, helping you identify and cultivate growth channels for your clinic.

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