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All-In-One Gym Management Software

Bounce Back In The New Fitness Landscape With Industry’s Trusted Software by LYFnGO

All-In-One. Affordable. Next Generation

Powerful club & member engagement platform with premium access to LYFnGO.

Refreshingly simple software

Easy to use all-in-one club management software built upon fitness industry’s best practices.

Active Fitness Community

Growth hack your member acquisition strategy by accessing India’s biggest fitness consumer network.

Better Member Experience

Designed to ensure that your members get a connected experience anytime, anywhere.

Data driven analytics

Leverage actionable insights to maximize member lifetime value, advocacy & loyalty.

Create A Contactless Gym/Fitness Experience

Safeguard your members & staff from unnecessary exposure and contact.

Slot & Class Booking

Appointment based bookings with member capacity management

Digital Payments

Create & share payment links within 60 seconds.

No Touch Check-Ins

Check members in via QR codes.

Automate. Personalize. Connect. Grow

RIGELSOFT empowers you to go beyond just managing your fitness centre.

Acquire members faster

Powered by LYFnGO, Rigelsoft boosts acquisition efforts by leveraging growth marketing automation.

Engage & retain better

Reduce churn with first of its kind retention engine that combines behaviour driven insights & segmentation algorithms.

Scale up with confidence

Best-in-class automations for your fitness business to turbocharge slow & manual processes.

Best-in-class automations for your fitness business to turbocharge slow & manual processes.

The future of fitness is going to be more personalised than ever before.

Branded Mobile App

Android & iOS App to give your club a tech-savvy edge.

Workout Tracking

Effective retention tool that allows members to set goals & track workouts.

Email & SMS Alerts

Perfectly timed email & SMS alerts to notify members or staff.

Referrals & Rewards

Incentivize member referrals & increase brand loyalty.

Your Data. Your Business. Powered by RIGELSOFT

Discover how members behave and what may influence their fitness behaviour & retention

Actionable growth levers

Powerful dashboard & reports focusing on KPIs like bookings, sale, revenue, retention etc.

Leading behavioural indicators

Track leading indicators like – active members, churn forecast, check-in & renewal trends, member lifetime value (LTV) etc.

Predictive micro segmentation

Slice & dice data as per member groups exhibiting a similar behaviour.

Protecting Your Data Is Our Highest Priority

Our data security engineers work round the clock to ensure your data is safe

Secured data centres

Proactive approach with detailed visibility, multi-layered segmentation & threat protection.

128 Bit end to end encryption

RIGELSOFT uses a 128-bit key to encrypt and decrypt data or files.

Automated backups

This allows for recovery of information in case of system crash or data breach.

Role based access control

This provides fine grained control & allows assigning permissions to users based on their role within your organisation.

2 Factor authentication

This is an extra layer of security that provides 2 different authentication factors for verifications.

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