Your patient records, your way.

Create notes your way in AIDIVA

Handwrite notes if you want, type notes with ease, and even store audio & video consults in AIDIVA.

Direct lab and radiology results

Get lab and radiology results faster – delivered straight to your AIDIVA EMR

Organize your notes your way

Isn’t it time an EMR let you file your notes, your way? Decide how you want your notes organized in AIDIVA.

Save time with templates

Create text and visual templates to speed up report writing, note taking, and provide checklists for your staff.

Unlimited cloud storage

Feel free to keep all your data in your EMR. AIDIVA offers unlimited cloud storage, letting you store everything you need, in any file type.

The best billing system in the market.

Manage daily billing with just a click

AIDVA’s billing system is simple enough for a cashier to use, but generates the right reports for your accountant.

Manage payment plans

Let patients pay using any method they need and any combination of payments. If you want, allow patients to manage large bills using payment plans

Create packages and loyalty plans

Allow patients to pay for multiple visits in one shot. Encourage patients to return to your aesthetic clinic rather than that of your competitors.

Keep track of corporate, insurance and hospital payments.

Flexible third party invoicing

Auto-generate professional invoices for corporate entities – they can be direct, or tied to a patient.

Manage corporate packages easily

In-built reminders make it easy for your staff to remember co-payments, caps, and special pricing schemes for third party payers and insurance panels.

Never miss another payment

Ensure that all third party payments have been fulfilled, and know how much of your payment was eaten up by admin fees.

Monitor your business health with Aidiva Ray.

Ensure your business is healthy

AIDIVA has a full suite of reports letting you monitor everything from operations and inventory, to profitability and growth.

Track where your patients are coming from

AIDIVA’s marketing reports will let you know where your patients are coming from, letting you optimize marketing channels.

Keep your accountant happy

let your accountant manage reports directly through a special login (they will not see patient notes). All the reports your accountant needs, in just a click.

Stay organized with AIDIVA’s scheduling system.

Track multiple clinics and doctors

AIDIVA’s intuitive calendar makes it easy to manage a complex clinic.

Reduce no-shows

Send confirmation emails and SMS to patients. Patients can reply to both to confirm their appointment booking.

Increase follow up appointments

Use AIDIVA’s recall/adherence system to ensure patients are reminded to come to come to your practice for any necessary follow up visits.

Access your calendar anywhere

Access your calendar from your mobile. Sync AIDIVA to Google, Outlook, or Apple iCal and reference it when you need.

Expand your medical clinic with AIDIVA.

Manage multiple clinics easily

AIDIVA securely shares electronic records across multiple clinic locations, while allowing you to manage operations separately in each independent location.

Automate revenue sharing/commission reporting for partners

Automate Revenue Sharing – Let AIDIVA track revenue sharing or commissions between you and your partners automatically, rather than wasting significant time managing revenue share manually.

Manage multiple practitioners efficiently

Track performance and revenue from partners and providers easily through AIDIVA.

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