Gartner coined multiexperience as a reference to the various permutations of modalities (e.g., touch, voice, and gesture), devices, and apps that users interact with on their digital journey across the various touchpoints. Multiexperience addresses the fundamental shift enterprises need to adopt in their digital strategies to meet the convenience expectations of their customers. It is all about moving away from a traditional inside-out, channel-centric mindset toward delivering a customer-focused optimal experience. Multiexperience development involves creating fit-for-purpose apps based on touchpoint-specific modalities, while at the same time ensuring a consistent user experience across web, mobile, wearable, conversational, and immersive touchpoints.

We can help you put customer multiexperience at the center of everything you do, whether it is digital products, digital services, or digital experiences. With our digital experience and research using technologies and patterns like Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Conversational Platforms, Voice Apps, Wearables, and IoT, we understand how to develop specific experiences for the increasing number of touchpoints your customers and employees interact with every day, while ensuring seamless experiences across the touchpoints by maintaining the context and progress made in their digital journey.

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