Leading organizations across industries are not simply migrating their systems to the cloud. Instead, they are creating modular and flexible open platforms that enable them to change their business models to ‘as-a-service.’ When business capabilities are developed as a platform service and delivered through secured APIs allowing third-party systems to connect, it opens up new business possibilities and creates a profound change to the way enterprises can expand and grow their business. Microservices architecture design is the foundation for creating such a platform service, bringing modularity and enabling development teams to create, deploy, and scale platform services independently. When microservices architecture is coupled with cost-effective and cloud-native serverless deployment, development teams are dedicated to focusing solely on revenue-generating business functions rather than spending their time on non-value-added infrastructure details.

With our tailored approaches and leading practices in all cloud varieties and different delivery platforms, we have been helping enterprises to enable their business capabilities as platform services, enhancing system modularity and empowering them to innovate and expand to new markets. Using agile development and DevOps delivery practices, containerized microservices-based architecture, and a cloud-native approach, we can help your organization liberate business capabilities as platform services for new business opportunities and hence new revenue streams.

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