The fundamental value proposition of speed, agility, cost reduction, scalability, and elasticity makes cloud computing the foundation for your digital business. Apart from infrastructure and platform operation services, cloud computing also offers technology services like AI, ML, NLP/NLG, computer vision, IoT, and blockchain, all at your fingertips, ready to be easily integrated into your applications that can be released to your customers faster than ever before. Cloud computing ensures applications are more secure, highly scalable, and available anytime, anywhere.

We have been helping enterprises in their cloud journey from deploying cloud environments, providing migration and needed development services to move traditional non-cloud applications to the cloud environment, and developing cloud-native applications using microservices, serverless business functions, PaaS, and custom integration with external cloud and non-cloud services. Experienced with modern application development practices in AWS, Azure, and GCP, we can help your enterprise in any stage of your cloud journey to adopt and leverage cloud capabilities in building your digital business.

Cloud Migration

We provide migration and any needed development services to move traditional non-cloud applications to a cloud environment, including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

Application Migration

  • Migration of existing on-premises applications to an IaaS environment (lift and shift)
  • Replatforming of existing on-premises applications using a PaaS environment
  • Migration of applications from one public cloud environment to another public cloud environment

Data Migration

  • Migration of databases, including schema conversion, to a cloud environment
  • Migration of security and identity framework to a cloud environment
  • Migration of a data lake or a data warehouse to a cloud environment
  • Cloud Development

Cloud Development

We provide development services for custom cloud applications that leverage the cloud-native APIs, PaaS, and custom integration of cloud tools and services.

Cloud-Native Applications

In contrast to the lift-and-shift approach which relies on the IaaS delivery model, the cloud-native approach to building and running your applications takes full advantage of the PaaS delivery model cloud platforms offer. Promoting the adoption of the modern methods of application development and deployments like microservices, containerization, and DevOps, this approach also enables continuous application delivery to your customers.

With our experience and know-how in engineering and re-engineering digital solutions, OFS can help you deliver your next-generation cloud-native applications on AWS, Azure, and GCP.


Enabling an agile software development process, microservices slice business functionality into multiple logical applications. A microservices-oriented approach, augmented with the use of containers, orchestration, resource management tools, and API Gateway frameworks, enables your enterprise to improve code scalability and maintainability, increase the speed of application delivery, promote enhanced security, expand at massive scale, and stimulate rapid business innovation.

With global Scrum teams readied with microservices-oriented application development approaches and practices, OFS can help your enterprise expand engineering capabilities and increase delivery velocity.

Our cloud engineering capabilities will enable your organization to become a digital business that uses technology to drive superior customer experiences externally, powered by scalable platforms and agile processes internally.

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