Resource Manager

  • Single point of contact for Customer Hiring managers, Project managers and On-Site Co-ordinators.

  • Performs resource planning and allocation.

  • Collect periodic feedback from customers and project managers on performance of the resource.

  • Provides career counselling and development.

Aligned Recruiting Lead

  • Invests time to hire qualified people.

  • Responsible for the design and maintenance of recruitment process below.

  • Supports resource planning and allocation to customer, including Surge Management.

  • Serves as channel for company communications.


  • Quality of Candidates profile.

  • Supply pool (Customer-ready).

  • Efficiency of recruitment.
    • Average time to recruit.
    • Success rate.


  • Customer Knowledge enablement readiness.

  • Quality of training.
    • % of passess.

  • Speed of enablement.

  • Staff satisfaction level with training.


  • Feedback.
    • By candidate (within 3 months).
    • By centre.
    • % of new staff attaining satisfactory rating and above at first appraisal.

  • Knowledge sharing/consultancy.

  • Incident resolution rate.

  • Replacement response rate (Non-performing resource).

  • Percentage of new hires achieving 12 months of service.

  • Audit compliance index.

  • % of staff compliant with customer policies and procedures.