Data Mining in Medicine

Doctors that deal with chronic conditions use AIDIVA Pulse to identify which courses of treatment best support patients.

Follow the journey of specific patient cohorts

Track which patients have received what bundle of treatments easily, even if these treatments are divided across multiple visits.

Focus your research on specific demographic groups

Focus your research on highly specific demographics. E.g. “Diabetic fathers who work in finance, between the ages of 30 – 40″.

Improve outcomes through research

Understand which treatments work best on which patient groups. Take a step towards personalizing treatments.

Help patients understand likely treatment outcomes using data

Use data to help patients understand and identify the best course of treatment for their illness.

Driving Growth

Every clinic or clinic chain has a unique strategy for driving/measuring customer growth and retention. With AIDIVA Pulse, you can track the specific demographics and metrics that matter to you.

Get the data you want

Build reports with the marketing metrics that matter to you. Track whether specific demographics are coming to your clinic(s). E.g. “How many mothers between 25 – 35 came to the clinic because of campaign X?”.

Reach the patients your clinic or chain aims to serve

Understand which patients are most likely to come back to your clinic on a regular basis, by getting key metrics on.

Build relationships with patients

Track unique retention metrics, based on your clinic’s campaigns. E.g. “How many patients came for campaign X, then returned for two more visits?”.

Improving Clinic Operations

You know which operational challenges are the most pressing. AIDIVA Pulse helps you track, manage, and improve your business operations.

Track the metrics that matter to you

Track key metrics specific to your challenges. For example, if wait times are an issue, track which parts of the patient journey are the “bottleneck” at your clinic.

Use measurement to improve management

Motivate your team by regularly sending them daily, weekly, or monthly information on how they perform relative to their KPIs

Change the metrics you measure at any time

Your business challenges will evolve over time – AIDIVAPulse lets you get information about the challenges that you face right now.

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