Open a Virtual Clinic Instantly with AIDIVAConnect

Provide care that goes beyond borders. Patients can teleconsult with you from anywhere using AIDIVAConnect.

Be there for your Patients

Patients need their doctors. AIDIVAConnect empowers you to provide advice, care, and follow up through a video call. Ensure that every patient is cared for with AIDIVA Connect.

Support all of your patients, even those located overseas

Give overseas patients the assurance that their care team is a click away. See your patients face to face through a AIDIVAConnect teleconsult, share key documents with patients, and even courier prescriptions to patients to ensure they complete their care plan.

Continuously care for chronically ill patients

With AIDIVAConnect, your chronically ill patients conveniently receive continuous care without physically commuting to a clinic. Monitor your patients’ health, ensure they adhere to treatment plans, and support them with medicine refills. AIDIVA provides you with all the tools you need to get started with telemedicine.

Give busy caregivers convenient access to patients

Let working adult caregivers virtually join their loved one’s medical appointment via video. Minimise miscommunication by directly explaining treatment plans to them. Give caregivers space to clarify key questions, ensuring patients are looked after when they leave the doctor’s office.

Empower your team with better care tools

Add telemedicine to your team’s patient care toolkit. Let nurses check in remotely with patients via video consult, enable them to fully assess the patient’s health and lifestyle to provide targeted care.

AIDIVAConnect is Safe and Secure

Authorised Access Only

AIDIVAConnect is protected by AES-256 encryption and SSL Certificates, so that only authorised parties can access the virtual consultation.

Communicate Seamlessly

Enjoy fast, uninterrupted communication that flows directly between your device and that of your patient using peer-to-peer (P2P) networking.

Consult Confidentially

AIDIVAConnect connections are P2P – data doesn’t flow through AIDIVA’s servers and it is not stored with AIDIVA. Everything communicated between you and your patient is kept fully private and confidential, similar to an in-person consultation.

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