About Us

Why Rigelsoft

Rigelsoft is formed by group of like-minded people with 15 plus years of experience in consulting domain focusing on the key ERP and analytic products. Expertise in product innovation and understanding of customer feelings with regional experience is the key differentiator, which helped us build our reputation as a team of global application experts.

Our focus and passion is to provide solutions with template extensions that extend the capabilities of your ERP systems with minimal impact that meets the needs of your specific business processes. You have large investments in the applications and we are committed in helping you to continuously reap the benefits of those investments for years to come.

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Our advantages


We have experts in running and offering a range of engagement models such as value-added staffing, extended-delivery models and other outcome-oriented collaborative development models for turn-key projects by using offshore leverage.

This strong domain expertise became a cornerstone of our ability in managing complex projects, while building the necessary infrastructure to support these projects at the same time. For our clients, it translates into strategic business value.

How We Can Help

For start-up and early-stage firms, we assist in product development and deployment with continuous integration of both customers and business. This enables us to help our clients with low cost of delivery, lesser time to market and focus on delivering the products.

For mid and late stage firms, we offer product life-cycle management services, maintenance/support, QA/testing, managed services, re-engineering etc.


We have enjoyed the benefits of using the Rigelsoft services for automation solution for integrating various interfacing systems, especially when we experienced high volume for onboarding new third party systems.

Ashwin Baskaran, Project Manager